Work time registration

Register the actual time spent on tasks by individual employees
Recording employee work hours systematically can help you understand their effectiveness and plan future projects.

Optimizing project efficiency: The imperative role of time recording in resource management

Research shows that today’s organizations are implementing more projects yearly. Undoubtedly, the growing number of projects means that more and more resources are involved in projects. In this case, both resource planning and an in-depth understanding of what project resources have been engaged in and how much time this has consumed are significant. This is why time recording on projects is essential. There are at least several reasons for this relevance. For example, work time registration is required in companies where the primary project resource is people, and the company wants to know their labor costs. Then, the project cost is the number of hours worked multiplied by the employee’s hourly rate. Also, work time registration is required to systematically analyze and improve employees’ efficiency. By requiring the company to record working time on projects, data and reports are available to implement new projects more efficiently. Although work time registration requires effort, it undoubtedly benefits the organization. Work time registration should occur in the company’s tool to manage projects.

FlexiProject is a project management program with a built-in work time registration module. At the end of each working day, the program user should register how much time he spent on the tasks he was carrying out that day. Systematicity plays a unique role when recording working time, which is rare. Often, employees leave the recording of their time on projects to the end of the week or at the end of the month. In fact, working on a project culture that will not allow such situations is worth it. It is definitely of great value to generate a report from the program comparing the work time planned for a task and the time spent on that task. Recording of working time is essential when the company has more ideas for projects than opportunities for their implementation. Obviously, effective management of crucial project resources becomes critical.

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