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FlexiProject offers high flexibility and a variety of functions to create project schedules intuitively.

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Project schedule
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The Intuitive Approach to Project Scheduling with FlexiProject

The project schedule is the most crucial element of any ongoing project. Of course, more essential elements exist, such as the project charter, budget, risks, or stakeholder analysis. The project schedule shows how the team intends to achieve the goal set for the project by the deadline. The schedule precisely defines the structure of the tasks to be performed in the project, the interrelationships between them, the responsibilities, and the completion dates of each task. The project schedule, once developed, is worth saving as an official baseline. This will make it possible to analyze deviations at the stage of project implementation. That’s why we pay the most attention to schedule excellence when developing FlexiProject project and portfolio management software. In fact, numerous studies and user requirements indicate that working with the project schedule must be simple and intuitive. Obviously, this is a prerequisite for the success of the project management software implementation and for project teams to want to use the tool in their daily project work without resistance.

A project schedule implemented in a professional project management application must offer multiple configuration options. To point out this will allow the schedule to be easily adapted to the scale of the project underway and the preferences of the project manager and team. To meet users’ requirements, FlexiProject is developed to provide a high degree of configuration. As a result, the team can design what attributes it wants to see on the schedule; from the schedule level, it can add risks, deliverables, and cost items. The project schedule in FlexiProject also allows for convenient communication. In this case, the warning icon system distinguishes the project schedule available in FlexiProject from other project management software. All places in the schedule where the most critical risk are identified, where there are deviations from the assumed budget, or where the status of work on deliverables is very clearly shown in the form of warning icons. Obviously, this is especially useful in complex projects, where the project manager or sponsor’s attention is immediately directed to critical places in the project.

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