Gantt Chart

Track project progress graphically using a Gantt chart
FlexiProject can help you track variances, manage relations, control dates, and observe the critical path using a Gantt chart.

Leveraging the full potential of Gantt Charts in FlexiProject

Undoubtedly, the Gantt chart is one of the most popular project management tools. This chart visually shows the schedule of a project. Primarily, it shows the project’s phases, stages, tasks, and milestones. Indeed, the most essential value of a Gantt chart is the ability to build logical relationships between tasks in a project. Most importantly, good project management software offers all kinds of possible relations between project tasks. These are beginning-beginning, beginning-end, end-beginning and end-end relationships. Of course, how relationships are built on the Gantt chart must be easy and intuitive. Once built, the relationships ensure that a change in one task affects the dependent tasks. In fact, a significant advantage of this chart is the ability to see how all tasks are distributed throughout the project.

The Gantt chart available in FlexiProject’s project management software has built-in all types of relationships between tasks. It offers several configurable and customizable options to suit the scale of the ongoing project. FlexiProject users can decide whether to observe task owners, task deadlines, or the critical path. A huge advantage that the Gantt chart offers is the ability to observe deviations from the approved project plan. Thanks to this, the project manager will always know the projected project completion date and how it compares to the plan. An excellent value for the project manager and the Project Management Office staff is the ability to simultaneously observe the Gantt chart and the level of project resource loading. If the project manager observes that the selected resources are overloaded with work at some period, he can change the task deadlines. This makes scheduling critical resources much more accessible. Advanced project management software lets you observe the dependencies between tasks from different projects on a Gantt chart. This is a handy feature for companies that manage project programs. To be widely used, a Gantt chart must be intuitive, offer a high degree of configurability, and ensure that the project logic is maintained once the relationships between tasks are built.

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